Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Things I Have Said To My Husband Today

  • Here's your honey and lemon
  • Of course I blew on it
  • You think I'd say I blew on it when I didn't?
  • Look, here, blow blow.
  • There, it's cool now
  • I know you're ill
  • And I am being sympathetic
  • Yes you're right, I would have made a rubbish nurse
  • Because I just don't care enough
  • Of course I care about you, just not your cold
  • Yes, I'm well aware you might die without proper care
  • Well I'm willing to take the chance
  • Of course I'd regret not taking better care of you, it's just that no one to my knowledge has ever died of a runny nose
  • What's that you're writing?
  • We've already made a joint will
  • What do you mean you're leaving it all to the dog
  • You mean if I was nicer I'd get everything?
  • Well I bought you a book up
  • It's the sequel to Mister Bump
  • I know how much you enjoyed it so I bought you Mister Tickle
  • It's really good, he's got long arms
  • See I do care
  • Will you leave me the house?
  • No, you can give the dog to my Mother


Anonymous said...

What would he do without you!

Mutter said...

You're back!! And on cracking form. Poor hub - perhaps he has man flu?

Clare Wassermann said...

Boy have we been there. He even told me that he had been advised to put his feet up on the sofa for two weeks after his vasectomy.

Dori said...

Have you been listening at our windows again?

Why is it that if HE gets sick he gets to stay in bed all day? If I get sick the only change is I lug around a box of tissues while I go about my everyday duties?!

Frog in the Field said...

Oustanding List MM!
Thank you!
I think I too will leave my dog to my Mother.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee.
My husband always says that if he catches my cold it's always a mutated strain which is obviously far worse and far more debilitating than mine.
Of course it is dear.

ADDY said...

Oh dear, man-flu is on the loose.

Nicola said...

This is so funny! My main gripe, when I had a husband at home obviously, was he only ever, ever, ever tended to get sick on a Friday night...and would languish all weekend on his death bed before being all stoic and heading off to work again bright and early on a Monday morning. It's making me gnash my teeth just thinking about it.

Boyfromoz said...

He seems perfectly well adjusted and reasonable to me.
Pip Pip!

Unknown said...

Love it!

A Mum said...

mine normally demands, ''did you stir it?''.

completely wonderful list as ever.


ps my word verification today is guesti which is kiswahili for guest. marvellously appropriate!

Dori said...

Okay...just popping back in to correct the above...sorry, but the Swahili word for guest is mgani (plural is wagani). blushing and going back to my corner now...

Working Mum said...

Love your lists!

But really, you blow on his honey and lemon? That man doesn't know how lucky he is. :)

cheshire wife said...

Hope that he will look after you as well as you have looked after him if you go down with it.

Jenny said...

LOL!! Sounds awfully like the things I say to my DH when he's got a cold.

Of course, when I have a cold, I keep working, take care of the kids, and generally just keep on going!

Unknown said...

Hi^^. It is absolutely right: As soon as men get ill, you do not recognize them anymore!:))
MH, thank you very much for my very first comment!
I didn't tell anybody about my blog so far, therefore I am surprised how you found me?
Lovely blog, I like your humor!
Lilly :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for your comment. I found the birth verse on a website using Reagan's actual birthday.


dongdong said...

Thank you for the suggestion about the Zambian trillion dollar. What a cool idea! And thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :) I almost didn't even see it. Thanks!