Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Ball Commitee

Isla has begun what can only be described as a daily bulletin regarding her birthday. The bulletin takes two forms; What I Want To Do and What I Would Like For My Presents (note the plural).
What she would like to do for her birthday party has progressed from the relatively simple (in hindsight) 'dress like a princess' to a full on Princess Ball 'like Cinderella has'. She chaired the first meeting of the Ball Committee last night, elected herself as Chair, me as Secretary and Husband as Treasurer, sounds about right, long live democracy. Apparently her vision for the ball is all the girls in long floaty Princess dresses, party food and a princess bouncy castle- which sounds expensive to me, I have yet to Google it but I can just feel it can't you?
Upon discussing the risk assessment that she had undertaken and presented to us regarding her party, Husband and I unveiled a major flaw. It turns out Isla is expecting a host of appropriately dressed and behaved princes to waltz the princesses around the ballroom (read: garden). Excellent. No problem. Eight princes-who-can-waltz aged about four, even Google can't help on this one.
The obvious answer is to invite all the boys from pre-school, but not only are 'all boys banned' (what on Earth does she think a prince is?) but I doubt that they are as enthusiastic about waltzing as Isla is (she practises every evening with daddy), I just can't imagine any of them in a tuxedo executing the perfect bow to Isla and whisking her off for a dance at all. So we're a bit stuck on this one. Husband thinks we should hire eight small people (I’m not sure how to put that politically correctly) to be the princes but that sounds even more expensive than the princess bouncy castle. Even so, after writing this I'm off to Google 'small people' just to check it out as an option.
What she would like as her presents centres around one central theme: a dog called Patch. Not only have we got to find her and buy her a dog it's got to have a Patch to justify the name. We're going to feel really silly calling out to 'Patch' in the park only to have a blemish free Labrador rush up to greet us. Very silly. Anyway, all the other presents have to do with Patch; a bed for Patch, a bowl for Patch, a lead for Patch and clothes for Patch. Yes, that's right, clothes. Apparently Patch is a girl and likes to dress like Barbie. Fab. A patch-free dog called Patch who dresses like a hooker. Can't wait.
We've explained, of course, that a dog isn't really a possibility at the moment citing any argument we could think of. But, being Isla, she has a counter one every time, she even announced at the Ball Committee that an extra to the agenda had been added and we now have 'Patch update' before retiring to vote (Isla's vote counts twice). We thought we'd finally gotten it through to her by explaining that the garden was far too small for a dog, and we'd get one when we had a bigger garden. But I came into the kitchen yesterday to find her Googling Estate Agents on the laptop. I'm looking forward to the Committee Meeting tonight, she's going to tell us where we'll be living next week.

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