Sunday, 14 April 2019

Things I Have Said To My Mother Today

  • Oh hello
  • It's nice that you remembered
  • No no party, just a cake
  • Next Saturday
  • What would I like?
  • I don't really need presents
  • What do you mean oh good?
  • Have you nothing in mind?
  • You're what?
  • Say that slowly
  • How are you leaving your head to medical science?
  • For my birthday
  • I know I said I didn't really need presents
  • But for my birthday
  • I'm sure it will be very interesting
  • And full of useful information
  • You have kept it pristine
  • They will love your cake recipes 
  • You do have a lot of good ideas
  • I'm just not sure I want your head for my birthday
  • Unless it's imminent
  • JOKE
  • Honestly it was a joke
  • I am taking it seriously
  • You're right it's just like adopting a goat
  • Except this is your head
  • I'm sure they will have seen nothing quite like it
  • I'm glad you're excited

1 comment:

scar said...

So excited to see you back :)