Sunday, 6 July 2008

Things I have said to my parents today

  • Hi dad, it's me
  • Me
  • Your daughter
  • No don't fetch mum,
  • Well you answered the phone, perhaps we could chat?
  • Dad?
  • Hi mum
  • Can you put me onto dad?
  • He hasn't gone out, I just spoke to him
  • He's not down the garden, I told you I spoke to him just now
  • He gave you the phone for pity's sake
  • Hi dad
  • I just thought we could chat for once
  • Dad?
  • Hi mum, put me onto dad please
  • Thanks
  • So
  • How was golf today?
  • Yes
  • Uhuh
  • Oh dear
  • Umm
  • Can you put me onto mum?
  • Hi mum
  • Can you ask dad not to answer the phone again?


Unknown said...

Brilliant. Very Bridget Jones! I bet your dad was having palpitations at the thought of having to have a 'conversation' on the telephone. It's a man thing!

Jo Beaufoix said...

That is so familiar. Maybe we have the same dad??

John said...

I'm sorry to say this is very me. I love my daughters, just don't have anything to say to them on the 'phone.

Millennium Housewife said...

Tara, I think we had a palpitation competition, I won MH

Jo, we may indeed have the same dad, does yours by any chance wear a green cardi and slippers in the garden? And if so, just to confirm they are the same person, does he wear a real motorbike crash helmet to walk the dogs at sunset because he thinks the bats are aiming for him? If the answer to the above is all yes's then I think we have to talk...MH

EDC, never mind, it's sort of mutual, telepathy is the way to go I think, no embarrassing silences MH

ADDY said...

I love these conversations you have. I can just picture them. So funny. You've made my day!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ha ha. Hilarious. I think all men are allergic to the phone. My average length of phone call to my husband when I call him at work is 32 seconds. So, when my daughters call him in 20 years time, it'll be exactly the same as your list.

Frog in the Field said...

Well Thanks, I've just woken all those having a lie in by laughing so loud and have choked coughing.I scared the dog out the kitchen and the cat leapt away from the window sill.
It's pure luck that I've finished my cup of tea and didn't spit it out.

Carolyn said...

Too funny. I love it when you do posts like this.