Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ask Millennium Housewife!

It has come to my attention that a lot of you need help. A lot of you need a lot of help. Due to the credit crunch and the lack therefore of ready cash I am offering a brand new service on this blog called Ask Millennium Housewife! A cheap alternative to the therapy you all so obviously need every month right here.
Now, I don't claim to be qualified in any way, or indeed be more able than you are to solve your problems but having spent years solving my own problems I thought I'd give yours a shot. So how about it? Free advice from someone of thirty odd years of experience? Not to be sniffed at I tell you.
Anyway, in true Blue Peter style a few Facebook friends have been asking advice for a while so I'll start with them. I don't know that they meant their problems to be solved quite so publicly so I'll use initials, you know who you are.

K. from Newcastle writes:
Dear Millennium Housewife, my two year old daughter appears to be more popular than me and it's worrying. Help!

Millennium Housewife writes:
Dear K, you are right to be worried, no one likes being upstaged by a two year old, there's plenty of time for that when she turns eighteen and you realise she's the one everybody is wolf whistling at and you're the haggard old woman reflected in the shop window. However, all toddlers are popular, so I doubt that the problem lies with your daughter being more popular than average. Oh, no, I think the problem may lie with you being less popular than average. It may be time to have a long hard think about things. For instance, when looking in the mirror are you simply relieved to see at least one friend? Do you fore go deodorant? Toothpaste? A daily shower? Do your eyebrows knit in one long loo brush like shape? Do you, perchance, have a penchant for growling while walking, swinging one arm madly while hunching over a pine cone? Think about it, a 'yes' to any of the above may be the answer to your problem.
If you have an 'other half' (a real flesh and blood one, not the one you talk to loudly between growls in the park) you could ask him/her to watch out for any of the signs I've mentioned and try to correct them
When you've established the cause of your unpopularity and taken steps to remedy it, take your toddler to the park and attempt to make friends by smiling and nodding to people. Don't forget to put down your pine cone and tie your arm to your side, you'll look a lot more approachable this way.
When people smile back at you, attempt a light conversation along the lines of the weather or what day it is (make sure you know what day it is or this bit may fail). Smile and nod a lot, but you're going for friendly and approachable remember, not friendless and worried you might be unhinged, even though that appears to be true.
Hope this helps. MH

J from Solihull writes:
Dear Millennium Housewife, I have a friend who runs too fast, what can I do?

Millennium Housewife writes:

Dear J, I know you, and I know the friend you are talking about. You may find that this friend's Husband is dangling a large bottle of Chardonnay in front of her to help her run fast, the old donkey and carrot trick rarely fails. Simply remove the wine from in front of your friend and all should be well. Better still dangle the wine behind her and watch her reverse. Hours of fun. MH

B from Warwick writes:
Dear Millennium Housewife, I am finding myself less and less inclined to go to the gym, but when I don't I end up putting on a lot of weight. Do you have an answer for me?

Millennium Housewife writes:
B, I think you just need to see this in a whole new light. Surely there is a way to eat a lot, not put on weight and not go to the gym? There is, and I'm going to share it with you.
Let us first look at the whale, a large creature admittedly, but perfect in proportion to what a whale should look like. But do you ever see a whale at the gym? Do whales ever congregate in the park for a spot of exercise? Do whales write to Millennium Housewife worrying about such things? In a word no. And why? Because they eat krill. That's right, they eat tiny tiny things all the time and never get fat.
So that's what you've got to do. Eat single celled organisms only and maintain that waist line forever. I suggest you start with amoeba and move on to other organisms as and when you feel your digestion can take it. Start in your neighbour's pond if you haven't got one yourself and swim slowly and gently around with your mouth wide open at all times collecting as much amoeba as you can. Repeat this everyday to prevent hunger pangs and try to keep it up in your sleep too. If whales can do it, you can. Good Luck MH


Anonymous said...

Dear Millennium Housewife
I am addicted to playing on the Internets and keep reading your posts when I should be doing other stuff. Please help.

Natasha Reddy said...

Dear Millennium Housewife, my daughter plays a game called 'tag' at school. I keep on seeing some of the same on various 'Mummy blogs'. How do I play the grown-up version, or more importantly, get someone to tag ME?!
btw anonymous, I also share your problem above as I am sure many of us do. Solution? there is none. Millenium H. is a legend! Although, try reading my blog too, maybe my more serious posts can be an antidote to laughing maniacally at work?

Natasha Reddy said...

(sorry MH, you know me, couldn't resist a wee dram of self-promotion. BTW you are getting more entertaining (if humanly possible!) by the hour! You-know-who had better get geared up for the latest sensation...! Keep it up!

Maternal Tales said...

Dear Milennium Housewife,
Just realised my child had nits this morning, but sent her to school anyway. Does that make me a bad mother??

Potty Mummy said...

Dear MH, I think you have a great future as an agony aunt. Also, can help your friend helen as I have just tagged you and now, should you wish, you can tag her...

Clare Wassermann said...

More please. Lots of fun.

Rebel Mother said...

Dear MM, we're playing 'It' if want to come and play - I've tagged you.

Clare Wassermann said...

Thanks for your comment on my Blog - I would love to do a commission if I can fulfill your ideas. Get in touch and let me know what you are thinking of. How exciting!!!

Boyfromoz said...

Dear MH,
I've a runny nose, my doctor says I don't have swine 'flu and that I'm a hypochondriac but I think he's telling porkies.
Please put me out of my misery.
Oink Oink!

Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

brilliant advice!

Anonymous said...

Dear MH,
My new washing machine is being held hostage by the delivery men. I am very close to running out of clean pants.

Rebel Mother said...

I always leave your blog laughing! Brilliant.

Rebel Mother said...

Hello MH. I have an award for you over at mine for having such a 'fabulous blog'. RM x

Anonymous said...

Dear Milennium Housewife,
I've just read your blog for the first time and now I found I have wet my knickers, should I stop reading or resort to pelvic floor exercises?

Working Mum said...

Dear Milennium Housewife

How can I eat my five year old's Easter Eggs without her realising? How come she still has some left? And how come she knows EXACTLY what she has left?

Frustrated chocoholic Working Mum x

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