Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Books I Am Planning To Write (a Lockdown Special)

  • Lockdown 2020: Dating via zoom, a Kama Sutra special
  • Lockdown 2020: Zoom quizzes, and other ways to die slowly
  • Lockdown 2020 reasons to be drunk by midday
  • Lockdown 2020 And Spousal Murder: Why we need a change in the law Now
  • Lockdown 2020: Fat is the new thin
  • Lockdown 2020: Holidays in the rain, how to make it look fun for social media
  • Lockdown 2020: Hygiene lapses, who needs all their teeth?
  • Lockdown 2020: Hygiene Lapses #2, no one can smell you online
  • Lockdown 2020: Hygiene Lapses #3, turn your screen off before you pick your nose
  • Lockdown 2020: Essential Sign Language for You're on Mute (sign #1: I may murder you)

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