Sunday, 26 October 2008

Things I Have said To My Four Year Old Today

  • Well, I'm not sure really
  • I just don't know where God lives
  • Well I don't think that he's a person
  • A person, like you and me
  • We are girls yes, but we're also people
  • I don't think God is a person
  • No, as I said I don't know where he lives
  • Or even that he's a he
  • Well he might be a she
  • I don't think he's got a bottom
  • Yes, I suppose that's how we'd tell
  • No, I still don't know where he lives
  • Yes it might be on a cloud
  • Perhaps he lives in Maidstone?
  • Maidstone
  • Sorry darling Mummy was just being silly
  • Maidstone's in Kent
  • It's just a town
  • No, I don't think God lives there
  • Yes you're right, Aunty Margery lives there
  • Well she had blue knees when we visited but I think they're better now
  • And her wobbly lip, yes
  • No I don't think she ever had six toes
  • Yes she may have cut them off with scissors
  • No God doesn't live with Aunty Margery
  • Mummy just doesn't know where God lives sweetheart
  • Yes, you're right he lives in Maidstone
  • With Aunty Margery
  • Well done darling
  • God lives at 24 Beausale Rd, Maidstone
  • Yes, in Kent


Catherine Graham said...

Well Canterbury is in Kent, and that's where you will find the Archbishop, so she's nearly right!

ADDY said...

Or perhaps he lives in Godstone - that is not too far from Maidstone!

John said...

Well it's going to be somewhere improbable, isn't it, so maybe right on the money.

cheshire wife said...

Well at least it is Sunday today.

Potty Mummy said...

Ah yes - but does he have 'magical music' on tap as our priest does, which is what my older boy shouted out today in a quiet moment at church when the bells rang during the eucharistic prayer?

david mcmahon said...

Maidstone? I thought He lived in Melbourne!!!

Unknown said...

That's funny, I swore I saw her walking down the road just near here the other day. Maybe God just travels a lot?

nappy valley girl said...

You know what the next question will be. If God lives in Maidstone, then does Jesus go to primary school there?

Anonymous said...

I thought Ernest would have been just the person to ask on this one!

Irene said...

I am sure that God lives in the Our Dear Lady Basilica in Maastricht in the Netherlands, as I have been lighting candles to her there all the time. Mary lives there with baby Jesus also. It's very cozy with all those candles. I couldn't imagine for a better place for God to live, except for the Vatican, but the pope has taken up residence there.

Anonymous said...

No no no, you have it all wrong.
God is so big, that we all live in his hands. God's hands are that big! I mean it's a bit freaky to have hands that big but they need to be to fit us all on, because we are all special.
The gospel according to my 5-year-old!

Millennium Housewife said...

AM, good thinking, maybe there's something in it?

Rosiro, that would have been a better suggestion all round I think

Earnest, of all bloggers I was hoping you'd turn up

CW, indeed, a good day for discussing God (and blue knees)

PM, nope

David, maybe there are two (or eleven?)

AV, see above!

NVG, please don't put ideas into her head

Mud, he's too busy worrying about how he met Mrs G

Irene, sounds a beautiful place to live, yes, definitely there (at least one of them)

TC, he'd make a great goal keeper then.

TheOnlineStylist said...

What is it with their obsession with bottoms? Small Child asked me to show her my bottom the other day so we could compare! Erh..not likely! And my brother was born with six toes! Are we related?

Nota Bene said...

I've just been round to 24 Beausale doesn't exist. It hink you're telling a big fib. Next you'll be making up stories about Santa...

Saz said...

kent my old neck of the woods, l love this list and i can certainly relate to it..good post..

dulwichmum said...

Yep, my daughter wears me down like this too.

Working Mum said...

Were you eavesdropping in my four year old daughter's room yesterday as we had a very similar conversation? She decided he lived in Nana's church. said...

Fabulous! Love your blog, Lynette

Millennium Housewife said...

TG, we may well be, have you got webbed toes too?

NB, I may actually be Santa, you never know. (or Cherie Blair, now wouldn't that be something?)

FFF, and you never bumped into her?

DM, glad to meet another

WM, yes actually, other bloggers will know I purport to be a stalker

LBC, thanks for visiting, off over to yours to have a look, cheers!

Dori said...

Always a pleasure to meet someone whose life is as loony as mine!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the laugh.
too funny.
well, not 'too' funny.
that's just silly.
just very funny.
if you follow.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

When Auntie Margery has had enough of him, will you send him over here please, 'cos I keep saying God help me, but so far he hasn't come knocking...

blogthatmama said...

Kent's my old stomping ground too, I must have just missed God when I went for those sleepovers with my friends in Maidstone...

Suburbia said...

Well I've wondered for a long time and now I know!! I can tell my lot now and put an end to similar conversations for ever?!!

Iota said...

This is SO funny.

And at least now I know.

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

I love your lists. And I love these sort of conversations with my children. I'll miss that when they grow up & their childhood perspective becomes clouded with adult myopia. I've linked you on my blog, I hope you don't mind.

kerry jean lister said...


I do apologise for clogging up your comment box with this but would it be possible for you to drop me an email at your convenience?

I'm working on something at the moment that I think may be of interest to you both as a parent and a blogger.