Friday, 16 November 2007

Oh Chocolate

Oh chocolate you're not fooling me
With your glossy outer shell,
I know that between your sweet sweet lips
The fat and calories dwell.

Oh chocolate how come you speak
In breathy almond tones
Of orange cream and truffle fill
And sugar overload?

Stop toying with me chocolate
I hear you rustling still
Deep within your velvet box
A writhing sensuous thrill.

I know, I'll just peep at you
Let you breathe a bit
Lift the lid and let in air
Don't tell me you don't want it.

It's just you and me now chocolate
Standing eye to eye,
Nestled, glistening, sugar sweet
Soft as a lullaby.

I think it's time we told the truth
To our friends and to each other,
But if you can't commit to me
I'll tell you not to bother.

Oh Chocolate, you understand me
Let's snuggle up together,
You and me against the World
Battling stormy weather.

Let's meld, let's mingle
Come over here to me,
We'll never fight it chocolate,
we were meant to be.

Come chocolate hither, you saucy minx
And sit upon my hips,
And as you go, all I ask
Is a moment on the lips.

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